Marija Jociūtė

A small piece of ground was named "Square of Human Rights". I thought its ridiculous, then wrong, then poetic, then right, then scary, than superficial... I keep thinking about it.

I've never read human rights declaration, yet as a human being I assume that I know them by nature and live with them inherently. I think this misinterpretation of the Human Rights phenomenon is very interesting. That is what makes this concept so easy to manipulate. Considering Human Rights document as a universal value is so natural. But Human rights declaration is more a specific historical event, then a representation of me being a human. It was an ideal, a product of dehumanisation, that arose directly from the experience of the Second World War.
This particular case of a square name opened a lot of questions for me. In what kind of ways and why are we seeking for ideals and failing in it constantly (by the way, it is a base of democracy)? Human attempt to rationalize and validate the abstraction, where does it come from? What kind of relief do we get after embodiment of an idea? Is the law itself violent? what kind of impact it has?
photo: A. Anskaitis